2017 BIG BANG Babies

**2017 has started off with a Big Bang!!**

*We are super excited about 2017!! *
We took a little break to enjoy our Frenchies & have not been actively breeding in over 3 years but we look forward to more babies in 2017!!!
Our Lola was bred to a Champion!!
My emails were deleted so if you are looking for a forever baby now please contact me again
Friendly Advice:
I hear many stories about unscrupulous scammers. IF EMAILS SOUND ODD OR TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, NEVER SEND MONEY!! These babies are my love & they do NOT fly without ME (or you)! Excellent Frenchies are EXPENSIVE. I will not 'make deals' or 'give discounts' so please only inquire if you are serious.
I do not breed often so I look forward to speaking or meeting personally to make arrangements!!

Our goal is to breed HEALTHY, happy, well adjusted Frenchies with OUTSTANDING personalities & 
  UNIQUE colors. Our puppies are raised with love as part of our family. Frenchies want to be a part of your every day lives. Their funny clown faces bring always bring smiles! None of our dogs are EVER left outside or unattended. Our Frenchies are IN
our home, beds, cars, and yes, they come to work with us every day!!

 were bred to be your best companion so we socialize them immediately. By 8 weeks the pups are ready to become your forever best friend.I deliver my puppies personally(at my seat on the plane) to their new homes or you are more than welcome to pick them up.

We are located in Holiday, near Tampa, Florida. If you would like to visit, or are looking for a specific color/pattern like BLUE, pied, FAWN, brindle, RED, white, BLACK or have questions, please see the Contact Us page.

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